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The course/class participant or guardian understands there is a risk of accidents happening when learning to sew. However, the participant or guardian also understands that the instructors will do their best to prevent accidents from happening during class instruction.  In case of sickness or accident, the participant or guardian hereby gives permission to any medical personnel to order and/or perform any medical attention deemed necessary.  The participant or guardian gives consent for any necessary treatment when in the care of a physician, hospital or dentist. Also, the participant or guardian accepts financial responsibility if such treatment is necessary. And further understands that neither Esaie Couture Design School nor its workers can be held responsible in the event of accident. The participant or guardian assumes all risk associated with participation in sewing or related classes, and hold Esaie Couture Design School harmless for any injuries that may occur while attending this class (all locations), and all activites held by the instructors. 

Student Signature (as evidence by typing full name)
Parent/Guardian Signature, if student is under 18yrs old (as evidenced by typing full name)
All information is correct at time of publication. While every effort is made to offer the courses set out  on this website, Esaie Couture Design School reserves the right to withdraw particular courses and to change both the content and the pricing of a course when need arises, without prior warning. Students who have already paid in full for a course will not be subject to any such price increase. Minor changes of course content will not be considered to affect our cancellation policy, as set out in the Terms and Conditions.


There will be no reduction of fees for absence, late arrival, late registration, withdrawal or dismissal

If a course is cancelled by Esaie Couture Design School, you will be notified as quickly as possible. You will be given the opportunity to transfer to another course. Otherwise the full cost of your fees will be refunded to you within four weeks, under normal conditions.

We shall not be liable for any other consequential loss.

​Cancellations on the part of the student made less than 5 working days of the start of the course, or less than 1 working day of the start of a 1-day class, is non-refundable and vouchers/gift certificates are subject to forfeiture. Cancellations made before that time will incur an administration charge of 25% of the course/class fee.

Course/class participants are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner, and to recognise that other course participants also require support and assistance. If a participant becomes persistently disruptive, we reserve the right to offer a verbal warning, and if this does not resolve the situation, the participant may be asked to leave the course.

Course/class participants give permission to Esaie Couture Design School to use any images taken of participant and of his/her work, while attending any classes or events at Esaie Couture Design School.

By choosing monthly installments and paying the deposit (use button to the right), you give your written authorization to deduct your payment from your credit card or debit card on a regular schedule. You’ll continue to receive a statement via email each month showing the amount due and the date on which the payment will be processed.  
This is the most secure way to pay your bills. We will have absolutely no access to your account. This is a transaction from one financial institution – yours – to another – ours. You will always receive a receipt for your payment via email, and even receive notifications prior to payment being deducted in addition to being tracked on your monthly statement.