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Have you ever found the perfect pants or vintage skirt, but the length wasn't quite right? Don't put them back on the rack! And, definitely don't pay and extra $20 (and have to wait a week) to have them fixed at the dry cleaner. Learn to fix it yourself!! Or, have you ever been rushing around... getting ready for work... and a button falls off, you rip a hem or accidentally make a hole in a seam? Don't throw your clothes away. Learn to fix them yourself! This mending workshop is for everyone (men, women and teens) and will have you repairing and extending the life of your favorite clothes in no time. All it takes is the know how, the tools and practice. You'll be amazed at what you can do.

* Learn hand sewing and basic sewing machine operation
* Learn proper measuring and marking
* Learn techniques to hem pants, skirts and dresses
* Learn to replace missing buttons on shirts and coats
* Learn to reattach closures (snaps, hook & eyes/bars)
* Learn to restitch open seams on the machine or on the run
* ​If you bring a hemming project, we'll give you tips on how to approach it

Be your own tailor!

Course duration: Intensive, One-time session, 2 hours

Cost:  $115

Prerequisite: None!

Esaie Couture Design School  
1515 Church Ave (side entrance, lower level)
Brooklyn NY 11226
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