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Sew... you want to learn how to sew? Well, it's just a needle pulling thread, right?

Wrong! It's an amazingly creative, therapeutic, and practical skill that you could have for a lifetime, and use in any number of ways. And, we believe that anyone can learn to sew, given the right instruction!The goal of our New York sewing classes is to provide such instruction.

At our fashion design school, we teach the newest methods, the latest techniques, and the best short cuts. The teacher demonstrates...the student imitates. Our conceptual approach is an easy learn-to-sew method designed to teach the sewing process in the most comprehensive manner. So, you will build your sewing skills in a logical progression. No matter if your ultimate goal is to just sew your craft projects, work with sewing patterns, become a fashion designer, or learn dressmaking, classes at Esaie Couture Design School will help you learn what you need to know.

We have classes in the super-cool borough of Brooklyn! Click on the button below for classes most convenient for you:

Learning how to sew can be a very creative and yet very practical skill to have. You can reduce your clothing cost or be your own "fashionista", by making your own. You can decorate your home using styles, fabrics and colors that you like. You can get a fashion job in the clothing industry. Or, start a home based business. The following is a short list of business opportunities just waiting for you to grab with your new-found sewing skills:

1. Alteration Service- Provide services right from your home studio. Dry cleaners, bridal boutiques, clothing rental places, and vintage shops (even your next door neighbors) are all potential customers just waiting for you to offer your services, including quality workmanship at a fair price (you could also include pick up and delivery if you have transportation)

2. Maternity Clothing-This is a large and lucrative market, considering the 4 million babies born every year. You could design, manufacture and sell your original maternity clothing on the internet, to local shops, have home parties, or fashion shows.  Or, your business  could be to convert the customer's favorite jeans, slacks or skirts into maternity wear (by adding in stretchy tummy panels)!

3. Sell or Rent Second-hand Wedding Gowns- Purchase second-hand wedding gowns at rock-bottom prices and resell or rent them. Offer alteration services, if needed, for an additional cost of course. You could also accept consignment gowns and keep 25% to 35% of the sales value

4. Children's Clothing Designer- Profit from your great sense of style by designing and manufacturing children's clothing from your home work space. Sell the clothing from your website, local shops that you convince to carry your line, or home party fashion shows attended by moms in the community (Just enlist neighborhood children to model, send invitations to parents, and put on a show). Offer the clothing in a few fabric and color choices for customization, and  simply collect orders after the show.  Then, get down to work making them.

Convinced that learning to sew could enhance your very life??? Well, what are you waiting for ...Learn How To Sew

Learn to Sew With Pattern and Dressmaking Classes in Brooklyn

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